CME to CME Conferencing over the WAN

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Nicholas Matthews Fri, 12/12/2008 - 12:47
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You may want to change the sdspfarm units to 2, and make sure that 'show sccp' shows the conferencing units as registered.

This will also only work as configured for ad-hoc, as meet-me hasn't been configured on this yet.

Hi Nic,

I understand that-sdspfarm units,

Specifies the maximum number of DSP farms that are allowed to be registered to the SCCP server.

Do you thing my PVDM is capable to support conferencing over the WAN?

Do you find any other loophole in the configuration?

Do you think I need to configure DSPfarm for transcoding also?

Since my calls are happening over the WAN I thought it might not be required.

Last but not the least, I tried configuring DSPfarm for transcoding but maximum session allowed were 0 only and in case of DSPfarm for conferencing it was 2.

Do you suggest me to reduce one session in conferencing DSPfarm and create one for transcoding dspfarm.

Since maximum session allowed is 2 only, do you think this is the suspicious point?

On the above account, do you think my PVDM is capable enough?

You may check the PVDM module in the "sh diag" output already attached.

Thanks and Regards,


Nicholas Matthews Fri, 12/12/2008 - 17:30
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In the case of conferencing, it will require the use of the entire DSP. On a PVDM2-16 there is only one DSP. Without a PVDM2-32 or large, you won't be able to configure both transcoding and conferencing. This explains the maximum sessions problem.

In this case if the call is coming into the conference bridge as G.729 I believe you're right that it will need to be transcoded in order to join the G.711 conference. I would have to lab this up to be sure. You could try configuringing your ephones with 'codec g729r8' and trying the conference with the WAN phone to see if this makes a difference. I'm not positive if the conferencing session on CME has to be 100% converted go G.711 or not.


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