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Dec 17th, 2008


My name is Thejas. I m facing an issue in Extension mobility. The problem is once the user is loging to extension mobility then there is no incomming call for that user profile. Incomming call is only comming after they logoff the profile. The Extension number is same for the phone and user profile and both are in defferent partition. Both the partitions are added in the Calling Search Space. If we dial the number after login to extension mobility it gives busy tone.

The users want incomming calls in both mode ( login and logoff). Please give me a solution for that ....

Thanks and Regards

Thejas Ramadas

I have this problem too.
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davidjani Wed, 12/24/2008 - 04:13

Hi Thejas,

From memory, the Calling Search Space uses the associated partitions in the order they are placed. Therefore, the call is obviously finding a match within the first partition, thus not reaching the second partition.

I would imagine that this is due to hitting call forwards (which may not even be set!). I am not sure why you would want the same number within two partitions for the same person (logged in & logged out)especially considering the Calling Search Space is providing access to both but each to their own.

If this is the case and the number should be reachable by anyone anytime I would suggest you set the call forwards on each line (especially busy/no coverage) to the extension number with a calling search space containing either only the OTHER partition or AT LEAST having the OTHER partition as 1st in the list & vice versa for the logged in line.

I hope this makes sense and helps you resolve.



thejas.ramadas Wed, 12/24/2008 - 04:28

Hi Jani

Thanks for ur reply..

I have tried with call forwarding option but the same problem is happening.

We are configuring this because the custmer want a loging feature for international daling for some of the users. Also the user should able to change the pin number. We have showed them FAC. But they are not staifying with FAC funcion. Because with FAC the user can not change the pin number.

Is ther any other solution for this feature..?

davidjani Wed, 12/24/2008 - 04:37


Just to confirm...

Have you tried forwarding calls (No Answer, Busy, No Coverage, Unregistered) to the number and logged in forwarding calling search space to contain ONLY logged out partition and logged out forwarding CSS to contain ONLY logged in partition? As I am almost certain this will work.

davidjani Wed, 12/24/2008 - 04:57

Another thing to try is; to make sure we are looking along the right lines, in the existing CSS, change the order of the relevant partitions and see if the scenario is reversed. At least this way we know we are looking in the right place.


thejas.ramadas Wed, 12/24/2008 - 05:14

Hi Jani

We have tried this also. I will send the CSS and Partition details..

CSS Name Partiotion Contain

AEDXB2-L4-CSS DXB2-Internal-PT



AEDXB2-L3-CSS DXB2-Internal-PT


thejas.ramadas Wed, 12/24/2008 - 05:18

Hi Jani

We have tried this also. I will send the CSS and Partition details..

Extension Mobility CSS


Partition Contains




Normal Phone CSS


Partition Contains



davidjani Wed, 12/24/2008 - 05:39

Sorry, I am confused.

My assumption is that these the CSS on the Line/Device or are these set on the Call Forward CSS as well?

They both have the DXB2-Internal-PT as the first option.

Which of these is set on the callING (originating) phone?

davidjani Wed, 12/24/2008 - 06:26

To save confusion I have attached a diagram of what I believe the set up is/should be and for the benefit of the example I have depicted the extensions as two individual phones:

1234 is your number. You try to call the customer on 4321.

Your Line CSS has access to both partitions but as mentioned one is prioritised; in this example "DXB2-Internal-PT".

This means that the call from your line will always route to the number contained in "DXB2-Internal-PT" as it finds a match and thus will NEVER route via "MobilityPT" whether the phone is logged out or not.

Thus, in order to overcome this (when the phone is logged IN) the call forward settings on the line of 4321(DXB2-Internal-PT) needs to be 4321 with "CSS_FWD_MOBILITY".

As mentioned previously, to prove the concept the CSS that would need to be changed would be on 1234, NOT on 4321.

Thus, placing MobilityPT above DXB2-Internal-PT and then you should find that your problem has reversed in that you will be able to call the phone when logged IN but not when logged OUT anymore. In this case you would need to create the CSS_FWD_INTERNAL for use on call forwards on the line of 4321(MobilityPT).

I do apologise if this is what you have already done but it was getting a bit confusing and I wanted to make sure we were both reading from the same page as it were.



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