ip default gateway is used when there is no IP routing and you need to pass traffic to a layer 3 device, when the IP address is not on any attached/connected interfaces.

ip default network is used when you do have ip routing enabled, and the device considers the default network as the route to any ip address that is not on any attached/connected interfaces, or in its routing table.


If you have a switch that is layer 3 manageable, and needs access to the internet - you configure the ip default-gateway, as the switch cannot run ip routing.

If you have a router, that is running ip routing, but is not configured to run a dynamic routing protocol, you could configure the ip default-network.

To be honest, I have been in networking for over 10 years, and have never had to use the ip default-network senario. I use the ip default-gateway all the time.


md farook Fri, 12/19/2008 - 06:07
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In short, Default gateway need to configure on every router to get path for unknown destination packets.By using Default network command you need to configure only on one router in the network, so other routers can learn the exit gate by using routing protocol which distribute this information to others.

kaustubhchavan Fri, 12/19/2008 - 21:44
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Hi Andrew,

but layer 3 switch like 3750 3550 u can give ip routing command then ?

besjanvata Thu, 05/01/2014 - 15:46
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Andrew u seem to have an answer.I have L3 switch with fa0/1 connected with a router on port fa0/0.I gave vlan 1 an ip : gave the fa0/0 of the router an ip of

I want to ping from the switch,the second interface of the router fa0/1 with an ip : the ip default-network could help me.I tried to with the command on switch : ip default-network,so i can ping but it wont ping.Have u an answer for this?


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