6509 Switch with Flex-WAN Module

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Dec 22nd, 2008
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Dear Friends,

I need some help.

We have two switch 6509E with Flex-WAN module. I want to configure the switch to use the Flex-WAN module to do the connectivity towards the WAN on redundant mode.

Can any one help me by providing some doucment or link describing the basic configureation of cisco 6509 Switch with Flex-WAN module.



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Jacob Samuel Mon, 12/22/2008 - 10:41
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Thanks Aravind. I am just downloading the document. Meanwhile can i ask some basic things.

How we can access the module? session slot x proc 1 will be the same command to access the module?

The connection from the L3 Core to the Router LAN interface will be a Virtual (VLAN Based)only?

I have a PA4T+ adaptor and PA-2FE-FX adpator on the module. PA-2FE-FX is GBICs or SFP's? Incase if i need an ethernet port what i will do? think i can use a GBIC convertor incse of GBIC module? what i will do incase of SFP? Is there any convertor available for SFP to RJ45?

Please all your inputs will be very valuable for me.. thakns in advance



archari Mon, 12/22/2008 - 11:07
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  • Cisco Employee,


Interfaces will be numbered in the following manner

E.g. Lets say you inserted flexwan in slot 3 of the chassis & you have inserted PA4T+ in bay 0 of the flexwan slot

The numbering would therefore be

module slot / bay / interface number

Serial 3/0/0 -> first slot of PA4T in bay 0 in flexwan residing on slot 3 of the chassis.

I do not understand what you mean by connection from the L3 core to router vlan interface will be vlan only? Please clarify what do you want to ask.

http://www.ciscosystems.com/en/US/docs/interfaces_modules/port_adapters/install_upgrade/ethernet/pa-2fe_tx.fx_install_config/3474ovr.html provides the 2 variations of the PA-2FE-TX module that are available. (check figure 1-1 and 1-2) Which one do you have? If you have a native RJ 45 just use the native. If you have a GBIC use that. You can toggle this with the media-type command under the interface.


Jacob Samuel Mon, 12/22/2008 - 21:31
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HI Arvind,

I mean my 6509 switch is the core swith which will connect to the flexwan module in the slot 3. so how the connection ? it will be a logical one only or not.

My card is PA-2FE-FX - fiber media.



Jacob Samuel Wed, 12/24/2008 - 06:59
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Can anybody help me again please.

I have only 2 switches in the backbone. 6509E with FWSM, IDS, Flex wan module. I will connect all my edge swithces, 15 Numbers (600+ Nodes) to the 6724 SFP module on MM Fiber. Edge switches 3560G sereies will act as a L2 switch only. Layer 3 Vlan for the user vlan will be created on the core switch (6509E). I have around 20 servers which I will connect to the same switch on WS-X6148A module, 100/1000mb 48 port . The servers will be in a single Vlan (SERVER VLAN) and all the nodes will be in another VLAN (USER VLAN). As per the design server vlan will connect to the Firewall (FWSM) on inside interface, users will connect to another dmz interface and outside will connect to the Router, which is the Flex-WAN Module in the same 6509E Switch on say slot 3.

I want to know about this connection only. How it will be connected? will it be a physical connection? I will make one interface as the memebr of the outside vlan and connect to the flex wan physically ??

Aprecaite your earlier reply please.




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