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Dec 29th, 2008
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How do I block AIM with PIX. it usses all ports. Will this work?

sh running-config regex

regex * "IM_Block"

regex AOL_aim-messenger "[Hh][Tt][Tt][Pp][.][Pp][Rr][Oo][Xx][Yy][.][Ii][Cc][Qq][


regex IM_login ""

“[*][.][Oo][Ss][Cc][Aa][Rr][.][Aa][Oo][Ll][ .][Cc][Oo][Mn]"

“[*][.][o][s][c][a][r][.][a][o][l][ .][c][o][n]"

regex IM "[*][.][o][s][c][a][r][.][a][o][l][.][c][o][m]"

# test regex "[o][s][c][a][r][.][a][o][l][.][c][o][m]"

INFO: Regular expression match succeeded.

How do I now apply this to the interfaces?

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