Wrong Threshold calculation?

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Dear all

i've LMS 2.6 and i have configured Threshold values in DFM. However i've noticed that its calculatingtheshold values as wrong. Kindly have look at the following alert, Which has Sonet interface of 155MBPS and i've set the threshold to 70% , however on just 40 MBPS its saying traffic utilization is 215% , so can someone one tell me whats wrong here??


ALERT ID = 00000S2

TIME = Mon 29-Dec-2008 15:29:23 PKT

STATUS = Active

SEVERITY = Critical

MANAGED OBJECT = 202.x.x.x


EVENT DESCRIPTION = HighUtilization::Component=IF-202.x.x.xAT1/0/0];Type=SONET;CurrentUtilization=215.6255 %;TrafficRate=4.2046972E7 BYPS;UtilizationThreshold=70;DuplexMode=FULLDUPLEX;MaxSpeed=156000000;


Secondly this interface is listed in OTHERS interface group, whereas there is a category of ATM present. So whats the reason it is assigned to OTHERS??

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Joe Clarke Mon, 12/29/2008 - 23:34
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This is most likely a known bug that's finally being fixed in DFM 3.2 due out next year. If you look at the traffic rate, it's 4.20 X 10^7 or 336 Mbps (effectively 2.17 times the max speed). Assuming the interface isn't really reporting this rate via SNMP, then the problem is the bogus utilization bug in DFM.

If, however, the SNMP interface counters are reporting that the interface is pushing out this much traffic, you either have an over-subscribed interface (e.g. an OC-12 that is only being used at OC-3 speeds), or a bug on the device.


TrafficRate=4.2046972E7 bytes will be actually 42046972 bytes which is 42 MBps which is the acurate value as i can see on other SNMP tools and on router interface as well.

So basically i feel its bogus calculation of DFM.

Do i need to open a TAC case for this to get the patch?? or it will be released soon?

Joe Clarke Tue, 12/30/2008 - 06:32
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Right, Mega BYTES per second. When you multiple that by 8, you get 336 Mega BITS per second. the interface speed is 155 Mega BITS per second. If this is the same value you're seeing on other tools, then the problem is with the device, and not with DFM. Either way, you could open a TAC service request, but you will want to focus on device counters first.


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