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Dec 30th, 2008

Hi all,

I have Cisco works LMS 2.6 and I am new with this.

My manager want whenever if any one login into the device (one of the core switch) / made some changes then we need to get an Email.

Can somebody help out me.



I have this problem too.
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Joe Clarke Tue, 12/30/2008 - 09:36

Your best bet is to configured a Change Audit automated action to send email on configuration changes. These actions can be configured under RME > Tools > Change Audit > Automated Actions. Choose All for Application, Mode, and User, and CONFIG_CHANGE for category.

Whenever RME detects a config change, an email can then be sent. By using Change Audit, you'll know when configuration changes were made directly on the device as well as through RME.

ilnaiduccna Tue, 12/30/2008 - 19:48

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your quick respond, here I have small doubts upon that

1. Shall we no need to do anything like any configuration in device?

2. When email comes is it contains all change configuration or just like info.

I need all type of alert notification even if some user loggin & logoff also, Your guide will helps me a lot.



Joe Clarke Tue, 12/30/2008 - 22:04

If you go with Change Audit automated actions, there is nothing additional that needs to be configured on the device.

The emails will only list a small set of details about the event. For full information (e.g. exactly what changed in the config) you will need to run a Change Audit report from within RME.

Login and logff notifications are not possible with Change Audit. For those, you can use Syslog Automated Actions. You will have to configure the following on the devices:

log on-success log

log on-failure log

That will log login messages only. That will cause the device to generate a message such as:

Dec 31 01:06:47 EST: %SEC_LOGIN-5-LOGIN_SUCCESS: Login Success [user: cse] [Source:] [localport: 23] at 01:06:47 EST Wed Dec 31 2008

When one logs in. You can then match on this message using RME Syslog automated actions to generate an email. Syslog automated actions can be configured under RME > Tools > Syslog > Automated Actions.

ilnaiduccna Sat, 01/03/2009 - 02:46

Hi Joe,

I did all the steps & changes as per your suggested but still no go, no eMails coming even some change done also.



Joe Clarke Sat, 01/03/2009 - 09:09

How were the changes done? Are you sending syslog messages from your devices to LMS?


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