cisco 2509 terminal server setup isue

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Dec 30th, 2008

Hello Pros,

I bought 8 octal port 2509 router.

When i conected the device console to the terminal server via octal port 1, there was no display.When i rebooted the device i can see the display of device image loading and finally i got the configuration dialog [yes/no]

Here after no response from the terminal.I press enter, no,yes nothing visible on screen.

The 2509 server bought with 8MB RAM and 32 KB NVRAM

What is the issues?



I have this problem too.
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scottmac Tue, 12/30/2008 - 14:26

Make sure that flow control (both hardware and software) is disabled on the terminal server and the terminal client you are using like HyperTerminal).

Hardware flow control can be CTS/RTS or DSR/DTR,

Software flow control is usually XON/XOFF

When either is enabled, the terminal side of the conenction (your PC or the Term Server) is waiting for the client to signal "ready" ... and it never will.

Disabling flow control means it will send without waiting for a "go ahead" signal.

Devices are fast enough today that this kind of transfer doesn't need a flow control system.

Good Luck


Richard Burts Wed, 12/31/2008 - 12:37


If the good suggestions from Scott do not solve you issue then I would suggest that you test by bypassing the terminal server. If you connect a PC with the console cable to the router console are you able to communicate and to access the console?

If you still can not access the console then the problem is not in the terminal server but is in the router. One thing that would present these symptoms is if the router is configured with no exec under line con 0. One way to check this would be to use the password recovery procedure to power cycle the router, break into rommon, change the config-register to 0x2142, boot again which will bypass the startup config.

If access directly to the router console does work then it points that the problem is in the terminal server. The first thing I would try would be to try a different cable in the octal set (perhaps the first cable is faulty).




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