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Dec 30th, 2008

Hi ,

I have completed CCNA, SND , SNRS (642-503) , i have a question if i do it as below will i be able to get the ccsp title

CCNA finish

SND finish

SNRS (642-503) finish

if i pass SNPA 642-523 before it expires

SNAF need to pass

SNAA need to pass

here i will have 4 required 1 elective please confirm

Thanks .

I have this problem too.
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paul_alexander Wed, 12/31/2008 - 04:34

You have a choice of doing SNPA or SNAF, not both. You would still need to complete the IPS exam and the elective to certify.


205214117 Wed, 12/31/2008 - 06:58

Hi ,

Thanks for you reply what confused me is in CCSP certfication page it show under required exams following


SNRS 642-503 or 642-504




so four from above example for SNRS 642-503 or 642-504 meaning one of two not both but it didnt say SNPA or SNAF , snpa and snaf show in two sepearte rows

can you please comment on this.


paul_alexander Wed, 12/31/2008 - 07:30

I see what you mean, it is a tad confusing. But considering the SNAF exam replaces the SNPA (by phasing out the PIX) id say they wont count it towards your 'required' exams.

205214117 Wed, 12/31/2008 - 08:34

Thanks for your prompt reply,

sorry to ask again I just need to confirm it, weather this combination is possible .a confirmed answer ,, since i am planing to do SNPA because pix is widely deployed and used in many companies so its very importent that we have a very good knowledge about pix also so i was thinking of above combination .

please comment on this.

paul_alexander Wed, 12/31/2008 - 09:10

I cant tell you for sure. I'd speak to cert support, or maybe someone else can comment.

But I'm 99% sure the answer is going to be that you need to do SNPA OR SNAF. Doing both will not count as two modules.



205214117 Wed, 12/31/2008 - 19:30

Thanks Paul,

Your prompt reply is much appreciated any way can you please check with cert support and update.


205214117 Thu, 01/01/2009 - 19:49


Hi Paul,

You or Anybody knows any email address of cisco certication support so i can drop a email,

Thanks in advance


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