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dear all,

I deployed my ICM 7.0 System with two Sides (A&B). As the high available requirement, I setup duplex AWs & Roggers.

But, when I disable the A Side Rogger, both AW Sides can not work, Console Windows prompt that each Side AW can not connect it's own Side Logger.

Even AW Side B was configed as the Second Distributor for Site, checked Preferred Side B. AW Side B still can not work, connect Logger B when Rogger Side A down.

Both Rogger Sides been chosen as duplex Mode and chose their Preferred Side.

I found some Cisco Documents said I should use crossover Cable as Heartbeat Link between AWs & Roggers, but no further more details for Configuration Guide.

Can anyone help me, or give me some advise?

Thanks A lot.

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1, When both Rogger A and B enabled, each AW work well done. AW B can connect to Logger B.

2, when Rogger A disabled, AW B can not connect Logger B. Console Windows prompt "Connection to Server Broken on ".

at the same time, RoggerB status:

Connection to MDS process established.

Replication is registered with MDS;

3, Is there any strictly Requirement for the IP Addresses when I filling the blanks during install AW/Router/Logger?

4, Must I use RMS for ICM7.0 ? I find some Cisco Documents mention RMS, but so few Guidelines can exactly show me how to config HA for ICM7.0.

dchumbley Tue, 01/06/2009 - 13:41
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The AW connecting to the B Side should be set up as it's own Primary AW, not a Secondary to the the other AW. You should have a Primary RTD at each site and other AW at each site connect to the Primary RTD at that site


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