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Jan 3rd, 2009

guys just wanna ask is there any negative marking in lab exam....just for sake of example in multicasting if there is no requirment on FR to put ip pim nbma mode....and if we put it (which will have no negative effect even if its not needed) will that result in loosing point for that question even if the scenario which is asked works???? thanks bud i hope i will get an answer

I have this problem too.
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Phillip Hichens Wed, 01/07/2009 - 04:33

I don't think there is negative marking, but I'm not a proctor.

My advice is to only do what is asked.

Don't over think the question and don't over do it.

Take an Assessor Lab or two from Cisco, they help you understand the way the questions are asked and to an extend marked.

jrensink78 Mon, 01/12/2009 - 08:29

In general, I wouldn't add unneeded commands.

But you can't lose points. You can only fail to earn them. So unless extra commands prevent you from meeting the requirements of a task, they shouldn't hurt you.

When in doubt, ask the proctor.

ccbootcamp Thu, 01/15/2009 - 21:52

The script tha tis run to grade the lab looks for certain commands. If you do something "differently" as asked by the lab exam, and the script sees it, it's possible it could mark it wrong. (ie, if you add static routes to your configs!)

It really depends on how the script analyzes the network you have configured in your lab exam. The secrets behind the grading script are closely guarded.

In general, if it specifically doesnt say to NOT put something there, and you do, and it's extra, I'm bet'n you'd be okay...but dont hold me to it.


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