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Jan 5th, 2009
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guys i have a router which is connected to a server on a i want that router shd send all bootp broadcast to that specific server on a while ocnfiguring router ethernet interface i have came across a thing shd i config router as a bootpc or bootps??? thanks

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John Blakley Mon, 01/05/2009 - 07:06
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Set up an ip helper address on the lan interface that your connections will be coming into.

If you have a VLAN1, and all of your hosts are in that vlan, you'll put "ip helper-address (dhcp server ip)". The DHCP server doesn't have to be in the same subnet as the hosts that you want to serve an address to, but the DHCP server needs to have a scope that corresponds to the ip address on that interface.

int fa0/0

ip address

ip helper-address

Hosts are in the subnet

The dhcp server at needs to have a scope for



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Giuseppe Larosa Mon, 01/05/2009 - 09:39
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Hello Khan,

bootpc and bootps refers to the client and the server sides of Bootp comunication.

These are just two different well-known UDP ports (I think udp 67 and 68).

in global config you can choice for what protocols to perform translations of broadacast

ip forward-protocol


RT-TN-CT-E-2(config)#ip forward-protocol udp ?

<0-65535> Port number

biff Biff (mail notification, comsat, 512)

bootpc Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) client (68)

bootps Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) server (67)

discard Discard (9)

dnsix DNSIX security protocol auditing (195)

domain Domain Name Service (DNS, 53)

echo Echo (7)

isakmp Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol (500)

mobile-ip Mobile IP registration (434)

nameserver IEN116 name service (obsolete, 42)

netbios-dgm NetBios datagram service (138)

netbios-ns NetBios name service (137)

netbios-ss NetBios session service (139)

ntp Network Time Protocol (123)

pim-auto-rp PIM Auto-RP (496)

rip Routing Information Protocol (router, in.routed, 520)

snmp Simple Network Management Protocol (161)

snmptrap SNMP Traps (162)

sunrpc Sun Remote Procedure Call (111)

syslog System Logger (514)

tacacs TAC Access Control System (49)

talk Talk (517)

tftp Trivial File Transfer Protocol (69)

time Time (37)

who Who service (rwho, 513)

xdmcp X Display Manager Control Protocol (177)

Some of these are enabled by default so usually you don't care about the udp ports but if needed this can be customized.


on the physical interface receiving broadcasts you place ip helper-address as John explains in his post.

Hope to help



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