WAAS - optimized traffic bigger than original traffic?

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Jan 5th, 2009


I am running a couple of WAE devices (4.1.1c), using wccp to talk to cpes in the remote locations and an appliance in the central office. I use wccp access-lists in the central office so only the traffic destined to remote offices with WAE is redirected.

Everything appears to be working ok, but in the CM, in monitor -> network traffic application mix, the inforfmation "Enterprise-Applications" appear with the optimized traffic much bigger(about 3x) than the original traffic (other traffic like http appears right, with a high reduction rate and the optimized traffic much smaller than the original traffic).

Is this behaviour normal? What would be an the explanation to have optimized traffic bigger than original traffic?



I have this problem too.
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nchidamb Mon, 01/12/2009 - 04:53

Under 'Enterprise-Applications' SAP and Siebel traffic are classified and optimized (Full Optimization) by default. Have you changed it to something else?

Do you have the output that you can share? or at least could you tell me what is the number you see under 'Original' and 'Optimized' traffic?

J2NoomSai_2 Wed, 01/28/2009 - 12:25


I also have that problem on my WAE. All traffic are optimized except one traffic which is Citrix that use http. Original bytes show 22M and Optimized bytes show 41M. Any idea how to fix this. Thanks

gusbr2006 Thu, 01/29/2009 - 06:44


This bigger traffic was due to these applications already using their native encryption or compression; so WAAS was increasing traffic by trying to compress it and adding more headers.

The solution was either only using TFO or asking the aplication admins to disable the software native encryption/compression.



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