Harold Ritter Thu, 01/08/2009 - 11:31
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Is the 3500XL configured as L2 or L3 device. If it is configured as L2 it would just be a matter of connecting the receiver and the source to it and you would be all set. On the other hand if it is configured as L3, you need to configure the 3500XL to handle multicast for example:

ip multicast-routing (global)

ip dense-mode (interface level)

Dense-mode should be enough if only this one device is configured for multicast.


dominic.caron Thu, 01/08/2009 - 13:01
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The 3500xl is a L2 switch that use CGMP. If you dont have any CGMP router on your lan, the multicast will behave like broadcast. Be aware that the 3500xl do not have the capacity to replicate the packet to all the port. Around 8 Mbps of braodcast to all ports and you will start to have problem with the switch and might need to reboot it. If you have CGMP compatible router, configure them and use multicast in your ghost console.


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