Issues with Scheduling IPCCX Custom Historical Reports

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Jan 8th, 2009
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We are running IPCCX 5.0.2

When I schedule the cisco predefined IPCCX Historical Reports, I am not facing any issues.

However, When I schedule custom IPCCX Historical Reports, the reports are not getting generated.

I am able to launch the custom reports successfully from Cisco Historical Reports client.

Are you also facing problems when scheduling Custom reports?

Following is the log from CiscoSchPrintExport.log log file.

Pls help.

39 ERROR Jan 06 2009|15:00:59 4044: Exception while exporting report ICD_FW_Daily_Shift_1_Agents_Calls_Handled_Chart_en_US

40 ERROR Jan 06 2009|15:00:59 4044:LogComError: the error is = Code= 80047cb2, Code Meaning = IDispatch error #31410

41 ERROR Jan 06 2009|15:00:59 4044:Source=Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer

42 ERROR Jan 06 2009|15:00:59 4044:Description=Invalid Name.

43 ERROR Jan 06 2009|15:00:59 4044: thread in Export method:Exception occurred for report I

Many Thanks,


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balasundaram.k_2 Tue, 01/13/2009 - 02:07
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Still looking for some assistance from you guys...

Any help on this issue will be very helpful.



monica.bryant Mon, 01/26/2009 - 08:14
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We are getting a similiar error running predefined scheduled reports. We are running version 7.0(1.16)

14 ERROR Jan 23 2009|13:01:02 2212: Exception while exporting report ICD_Agent_Call_Summary_Table_en_US

15 ERROR Jan 23 2009|13:01:02 2212:LogComError: the error is = Code= 80043ac4, Code Meaning = IDispatch error #14532

16 ERROR Jan 23 2009|13:01:02 2212:Source=Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer

17 ERROR Jan 23 2009|13:01:02 2212:Description=Invalid directory.

18 ERROR Jan 23 2009|13:01:02 2212: thread in Export method:Exception occurred for report I

stephane.bordenave Tue, 02/17/2009 - 02:31
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Hi Monica,

we are getting similar error with same version.

Did you solve your issue ?

Thanks for your help !



monica.bryant Tue, 02/17/2009 - 05:57
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We were able to get version 7 running by installing an older version (5) of the historical report client and then upgrading to version 7. I have an open case with TAC, and at this point they think there are some missing files with the 7 install.

joeharb Fri, 02/12/2010 - 11:09
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We are having the same issue.  New install of UCCX 7 and Historical Reporting 7.  Generate reports works fine but when trying to schedule the reports results in the invalid directory message with no report as the result.

Any updates?



tjugoretz Fri, 02/12/2010 - 12:30
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I had this same issue with UCCX 7 and scheduling reports.

Defect in 7.0(1) bug id:CSCsx76593:
Work Around:

1.Go to "C:\Program Files"

2.Rename Cisco UCCX Historical Reports to Cisco CRS Historical Reports
or create folder
called Cisco CRS Historical Reports under c:\program files\

3. Then create folder called reports if not existed under c:\Cisco CRS

4. Login to HRC and schedule reports

Dear Bala,

I'm experiencing the same issue with UCCX 5.0. I get the error "Description=Invalid Name.", not "Description=Invalid Directory" as in the other cases. I've realised that I get that error only with some reports that we have programmed by ourselves. The reports included with the Historical reporting tool work fine.

Did you come around with a solution?

Best regards, Amaia


Sorry to come back to you on this old issue. I am facing the same symptom under UCCX 8.5.

I retrieve the following error on the logs file

39          ERROR                    Jan 03 2012|14:34:39          1588: Exception while exporting  report ICD_Televente_Quotidien_Chart_fr_FR

40          ERROR                    Jan 03 2012|14:34:39          1588:LogComError: the error is = Code= 80047cb2, Code Meaning = IDispatch error #31410

41          ERROR                    Jan 03 2012|14:34:39          1588:Source=Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer

42          ERROR                    Jan 03 2012|14:34:39          1588:Description=Nom non valide.

43          ERROR                    Jan 03 2012|14:34:39          1588: thread in Export method:Exception occurred for report I

I tried also creating  c:\Cisco CRS Historical Reports\reports, but it does not help.

Does any of you found out a solution for that ? I opened a case to Cisco TAC, but they consider the problem is related to the custom report itself.

Best Regards


Aaron Harrison Tue, 01/03/2012 - 06:13
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I would suspect this is some sort of problem with internationalisation - e.g. the reports runtime is ignoring the locale and looking in the en_US folder for your report or somesuch. Maybe try duplicating your report in that directory?

Failing that I would try using  Process Monitor ( to monitor what the runtime is trying to access when the scheduled report is triggered.


Aaron Harrison

Principal Engineer at Logicalis UK

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