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Hi !

I currently prepared my ONT certification Exam.

In the preparation of my exam certification I but ONT HowtoPass pratice Exam to make sure I'm ready to go at test center.

One question in the practice Exam is :

A RED profile is configured with a mark probability denominator of 1. What will be the result about this configuration on the packet lost as the average queue length reaches the maximum threshold ?

Base on my understand is since the average queue size is lower than minimum threshold, no drop occur, when minimum treshold is reach the mark probablylity denominator say drop 1 paquet on 1 paquet which is mean 100%. How can maximum threshold be be reach ?

Because the answer was : When the average queue lenght is at the maximum threshold 100% are drop.

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jrensink78 Thu, 01/08/2009 - 18:55

I didn't catch it before, but I would consider not using HowToPass products, as they are classified as a brain-dump.

But to answer you question, when you see the phrase "as the average queue length reaches the maximum threshold", then you will want to reply with the percentage of 1/mark probability denominator. In this case, it would be 100%. If the MPD was 5, it would be 20%.

If the phase was something about exceeding the maximum threshold, then assume 100% drop.

Hi !

First which other pratice test can I use to know if I'm ready to at the test center ? On the certification guide the test question provide with the book was'nt representative of the question aks at the Exam center.... (I was used question provide with certification guide for BCMSN certification Exam I had satisfied result with this, the at the Exam center I find the test twice harder then the question provide in the book and on the CD provide with it, the result the Exam failed by missed one question probably... just before doing this Exam I had access howtopass and I seen I was'nt probably prepared enough for the Exam at the test center....

Do you know other pratice test are near of the difficulty level I will meet at the test center and is not classified as brain-dump ?

Now, for my initial question, the question was saying : as long the average queue size grow what append if the mark probability denomitor was configure to a value of 1.

My reflexion : the average queue can grow as long as below minimum treshold, after that 100% of packet will be drop because of the ratio I had provide by choosing a valus of 1 for the mark probability denominator. I this case, the maximum will never be reach because I'm start to randomly drop 100% after minimum treshold.

The answer to the question on the site was, when maximum threshold is reach 100% of packet will be drop... I mean what's append between minimum and maximum threshold, how many packet are drop ?

thanks a lot for your help, and your advice about howtopass web site...


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