MS NBT browsing problem with 877W (no WINS)

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I have an 877W with 12.4(15)T8 running a pretty standard config where inf Vlan1 and Dot11Radio0 bridged together so that the switch ports and WiFi are on the same IP net.

If I plug a Vista laptop and a XP workstation into the switch ports, all works fine. Whichever is started 1st broadcasts to see if there is a local master browser and then installs itself as such (by broadcast) upon recieving no reply. The one started 2nd then recieves a reponse to its broadcast for a master browser and subsequently uses the 1st.

Now if I move the Vista laptop to wireless, things start going a bit wrong. To cut a long story short, after some packet tracing, it would seem IOS is not correctly propagating (bridging) all the NBT broadcasts (to udp 137 & 138) between Vlan1 & Dot11Radio0.

My question is, is there something specific that needs to be configured to make this work or is it a peculiarity with my ver of IOS?

PS: I have no access-lists, ip inspect, ZBFW or any other functions configured.

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