port priority in mst

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Jan 11th, 2009


A connected to B fa 0/1 fa 0/2 and D on fa 20/21

B is conected to C fa 0/1 fa0/2

C is conedted to D fa0/1 fa0/2

B is also conedted to D fa 20 fa21

D is conedted to A as well fa 20 and fa21

its a full redundant topolgy

i have 6 vlans swicth A is server and the rest is client

Vlan 234567

i have config mst (on all swicthes)

instance 1 234

instance 2 567

swicth A is root for instance 1

swicth D is root for instance 2

when i do sh spanning tree mst on switch on A

all ports are blocked expept fa0/1 which is connected to switch B

now i tried to config instance 1 on fa 20 and instance 2 on fa 21 (which is connedted to switch D)

i put the comand spanning tree mst 1 port-priority 200 on fa20 and same except instance 2 on fa21

after that when i do sh priority is been changed but the port is still in blocking mode why is that i even try to put cost but still port is in blocking mode

I have this problem too.
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drolemc Mon, 01/19/2009 - 09:26

Cisco IOS uses the port priority value when the LAN port is configured as an access port and uses VLAN port priority values when the LAN port is configured as a trunk port.

Try this example.

Router(config)# interface fastEthernet 20

Router(config-if)# spanning-tree mst 1 cost 1234567

Router(config-if)# spanning-tree mst 1 port-priority 240

Router(config-if)# ^Z

Router# show spanning-tree mst 1 interface fastEthernet 20


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