jrensink78 Mon, 01/12/2009 - 08:21

I am in the midst of my CCIE prep and have the IP Expert Blended Learning Solution. It's definitely good material. The videos are great. I have only been working my way through their volume 1 workbook. It's good, but fairly difficult for someone early in their studies. I find myself having troubles in areas that I am strong in.

Personally, I like using multiple vendors for studying. I also have the Internet Expert CCIE 2.0 product. It's good as well. Both products have their strong points.

I can say between the 2 products, neither is a bad choice. I would get both if you have the means. If you do get the BLS product, it is often on sale for $999. So try and purchase it during a sale period if at all possible. But I guess there is no gaurantee as to if it will be on sale any time soon. They just came off of a Christmas/end of year sale.

JORGE RODRIGUEZ Mon, 01/12/2009 - 16:20

Jeffrey, thank you for sharing your opinion on these products.

And.. Anthony thank you for the link


steve_steele Sat, 01/17/2009 - 21:30


I used IPExpert to help me pass the R&S lab. I found the material helpful, however a friend showed me a couple of labs out of his InternetworkExpert workbook and I found them much more challenging and a better learning tool.

I've since bought internetworkexperts Service Provider material for CCIE number 2. So far I'm following the videos, replicating in my own lab and having lots of fun.




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