iptuser55 Tue, 01/13/2009 - 03:47
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I meant to say I thought on CUCM7.X you now had a choice

Sushil Kumar Katre Tue, 01/13/2009 - 04:12
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Long time back even I heard that CUCM 7.X will be release with a support for both Linux and Windows, but the current 7.X release wihch is out is supported only on linux.

The only callmanager release which is still supported on windows is 4.3

-> Sushil

iptuser55 Tue, 01/13/2009 - 04:55
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It has been confrmed to me from other people that Cisco only will support Linux and will not be offering the choice of OS

Jonathan Schulenberg Tue, 01/13/2009 - 16:16
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Correct. The Windows platform has officially been killed. Those products that are not already on RHES-based appliances will be migrated at the next major version 8.0 which is due out late likely early 2010 (uncommitted at this point).


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