Giuseppe Larosa Tue, 01/13/2009 - 07:31
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Hello Cisco_Lite,

be aware that you can change the mtu at different levels:

system mtu

at the L2 vlan level


conf t

vlan X


switch(config-vlan)#mtu ?

<576-18190> Value of VLAN Maximum Tranmission Unit

at the interface level:

int gi2/4

RT-RM-TLD066-RG-E-1(config-if)#mtu ?

<1500-9216> MTU size in bytes

I would change it at the vlan level for the servers applications to be sure it is correct on all required ports

However, if you prefere you can set it at the port level.

I would perform a shut/no shut cycle after configuration to be sure config is applied

Hope to help



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