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Jan 13th, 2009

Hello Team,

We have Unity Version: 4.2(1) integrated with that CallManager 6.1

We have configured Auto Attendant based on Call Handlers on the Unity plus voicemail to 1000 subscribers. Not unified messaging.

Exchange and Message Store are in another server and Active Directory also in another server.

On December 26th Voicemail and AA service went down. No possible access to voicemail, no Auto Attendant, no voicemail after “no answer”. The weird thing: all the voice ports were registered on Callmanager.

The solution that day was to stop Unity service on the Unity server and started again manually.

On December 30th we had exactly the same problem and we did the same thing to temporarily solve it.

We are concern because we don't know what is causing the problem. Could you please help us find out a permanent solution?

Thanks in advance

Luisa Colmenares

I have this problem too.
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Bradford Magnani Tue, 01/13/2009 - 08:47


Have you looked at the application event logs at the time it was not working? When you say "down", what do you mean? Ring no answer?

Event logs would be the first place to start. A common issue is when Remote Desktop is used in /console mode (equivalent to having "Bring Sounds to this computer" chosen in the RDP client under Local Settings) which offloads Unity's wav driver. You'll typically see AV_WAV errors in the application log if thats the case.

EDIT: Just in case you're curious http://tools.cisco.com/Support/BugToolKit/search/getBugDetails.do?method=fetchBugDetails&bugId=CSCeg39434


l.colmenares Tue, 01/13/2009 - 09:10

Thank you Very much for your answer.

I have looked at the event viewer and there was a LOT going on at the time of failure, mainly

dsmCLientService ERROR like this for example:

"ANS4007E Error processing '\\pwat1vm01\c$\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft SQL Server\Client Network Utility.lnk': access to the object is denied"

not AV_WAV errors.....

The symptoms were:

- No Auto Attendant

- When people called, after the “no answer” period they were supposed to get voicemail and they were getting no voicemail.

- It wasn't possible to check voicemail when pressing the message key or when dialling the voicemail pilot number.

ranpierce Tue, 01/13/2009 - 10:24

Can you get a screen shot of the error and post it for us?


Ginger Dillon Tue, 01/13/2009 - 13:12

Hi -

Another thing I thought of was licensing error ... are you by any chance using a temporary license file or one that has an expiration? You can run Start > Programs > Unity > Licensing on the server to check this. Look at the console that opens and check for the Expiration field in the right-side of the console. Another thing, the Remote access in console only mode causes error 822 in the Unity application event log. If you don't see this error, something else is causing the problem.


l.colmenares Wed, 01/14/2009 - 06:33

First of all, thanks to all for paying attention to this.

I have attahced the Application Event Viewer and an Screenshoot of the Unity Licenses.

Licenses are not to expire and I don't see the error 822 on my events....

Could you please give it a look at the errors on december 24th and 30th to check if you notice what is causing the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Bradford Magnani Wed, 01/14/2009 - 07:19

The Arbiter error says that there are licensing violations. Have you looked at the License Info Viewer in the Tools Depot to confirm that you're not over your feature limits in your license(s)?


ranpierce Wed, 01/14/2009 - 07:20

Hi I looked at all of your errors,

I think that Ginger was onto something with the licensing issue. And it could be associated with the wav files.

However you seem to also be having port issues, if all the ports lock up the Unity will not work. That also might be happening and a reboot would free the ports as you had to do. Reboot would not free the license issue.

At this point I think you need to call TAC and open a case unless others here have more information as the screen shots are not telling me much more.

Brad, Rob, Ginger, Jeff all might have more to say on this.


Ginger Dillon Wed, 01/14/2009 - 08:25

Hi -

Look at the licenses jpg file and you see LicVoiceportsmax 352. Unity 4.X, I don't believe, supports that many voice ports on a server. Something is amiss, I think, with your license file. You also have only 4 user licenses left.



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