ASA 5510 connectivity issues to 3550 Catalyst

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Jan 13th, 2009

I am having a nightmare trying to connect my shiny new ASA 5510 to an old Cat 3550 switch. The ASA port shows up/up but receives no packets at all. As soon as I put the cable back in to the old PIX515E it works straight away, making me believe this is a bug between the 5510 and the 3550. I have tried countless combinations of speed/duplex, and I've upgraded both the switch software and ASA software to latest levels. I have even tried a different ASA. The only way I can get the link between the ASA and the switch to come up is to place a "Linksys residential cable router with 4-port switch" in between!!! Clearly the 5510 and 3550 do not like negotiating a link for whatever reason.

Any help will be massively appreciated.

Thanks, Mark

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handsy Wed, 01/14/2009 - 02:42

Thanks for your reply. As mentioned, I have tried countless combinations of speed/duplex and I am definitely not using x-over cable :(

What software level is your ASA/3550 on? ...and are your ASAs the 5510 variety?

handsy Wed, 01/14/2009 - 02:52

I can't do full config for switch as I don't own that end, but I was given the interface config:

interface FastEthernet0/47

switchport access vlan 14

switchport mode access

speed 100

duplex full

no snmp trap link-status

spanning-tree portfast

..and the ASA port config is as follows:

interface Ethernet0/3

description Corporate Network Link

speed 100

duplex full

nameif corporate

security-level 5

ip address x.x.x.x

The ASA is a 5510 running 7.2(4) and the switch is a WS-C3550-48-SMI running 12.2(44)SE3.

handsy Wed, 01/14/2009 - 04:40

Yeah did that too, and the ASA end comes up saying "Half/100" !!

Cable is perfectly fine to the PIX515E so it's not a cable problem.

Thanks for your help anyway.


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