DisplayName corruption during DirectorySync

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Jan 14th, 2009
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I am having a problem directorysync issue where the DisplayName is getting corrupted.

The problem is that the Subscriber:DisplayName column is being changed during the DirectorySync process to a value that is already in the database.

Here is what I'm seeing:

1. Using 'call sp_CreateSubscriber…..' , add five subscribers:

Row Descriptors:





Row 1:




Denver_Univ_CSM Branch

Row 2:




Denver_Univ Branch

Row 3:




Denver_Univ_Manager Branch

Row 4:




Denver_Univ_FSC Branch

Row 5:




Denver_Univ_FSC2 Branch

I am using MS SQL Server's Enterprise Manager to view the rows of data in the Subscriber table.

2. Execute a 'call sp_SqlDirectorySync…' command to sync.

3. I watch each subscriber row sync and get it's mailbox and uid assigned.

Row 2 is first

CSM is second

Manager is third

FSC is forth

FSC2 is last

4. As each row is processed I watch each value.

5. When FSC2 is processed, the DisplayName is changed to “Denver_Univ_Hills_FSC_Branch” - notice that row five should have remained as “FSC2” not changed to “FSC”.

6. We are running each step very slowly, and there are no other SQL statements running, no other users on the system and we are not editing the AD nor web/sa nor enterprisemanager.

Can anyone tell me what would cause this row to have the DisplayName column changed?

Can anyone tell me how I can prevent this from happening?

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jmennear Thu, 01/15/2009 - 12:21
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We have found that when we supply alias names that contain spaces and numbers, that, for some reason the MailBoxDN does not get built properly, and the DisplayName gets modified.

For example, If I supply these two DisplayName of

Denver_Univ_Xabc_1st FCS Branch

Denver_Univ_Xabc_1st CSM Branch

The DirectorySync process will create the AD account for the first one. Then, when it tries to create the second one, it seems to only make a comparision up to the first "1" or possibly the first 20 characters and finds the mailbox for the first AD account created. It then sets that accound to the MailBoxDN field of the second Subscriber we are creating and then alters the DisplayName to be the same.

On our system, this happens 100% of the time we attempt to add subscribers.

I'm going to guess that there is a defect lurking in either the AD Sync code or the Subscriber Synch portion of the process.

jmennear Thu, 01/15/2009 - 13:01
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Further testing we have found that if the alias is greater than 20 characters and the first 20 characters are the same between aliases, then the AD will not be assigned the proper mailbox for subsequent subscribers and the subscribers DisplayName will be corrupted.

So, I guess that's the problem.


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