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Jan 14th, 2009

Does anyone know a way to modify what is put in the CUPC client when someone is on the phone? Currently it changes the icon yellow which is the same as not available. They users would like to know if they are at their desk but just on the phone without having to mouse over the person. Can you modify the empty space to the right of the user in the CUPC client to note when they are away from their desk or on the phone?

I have this problem too.
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htluo Wed, 01/14/2009 - 18:39

You should raise this concern to your account manager.

To be honest, this is the poorest GUI design I've ever seen. Many complaints have been submitted but not enough to attract the attention of CUPC "product marketing". LOL

DOUG DAVIDSON Fri, 01/16/2009 - 14:18

I would like to see something different for that as well.

A couple of other complaints to go with it as well:

1. Have IM's in one window with tabs for the different conversations

2. When multiple IM windows are open sometimes you can't get back to them

htluo Mon, 01/19/2009 - 16:03

This can be done, but not from end user perspective.

I had a long-time fight with dev. They said there's little they can do, because the idea was from "Product Marketing".

As mentioned before, you'd better talk to your account manager.



billriley19795 Tue, 01/20/2009 - 06:04

If you say it can be done can you tell me how or point me in the direction I need to go. I can work with my account manager no problem but I need to tell him where to start and what we are looking for.

htluo Tue, 01/20/2009 - 06:11

Here's what I would talk to my account manager:

1) Please talk to CUPC product marketing

2) I (customer) want CUPC use different indicators for different status. In another word, do not use same indicator represent two different status (away, idle, on-the-phone, in-a-meeting, etc.)

billriley19795 Tue, 01/20/2009 - 06:16

So what you are saying is there is NOT a way to do this in the current version?

I do plan to talk to my AM but I was looking for a solution today and not in two years.

DOUG DAVIDSON Tue, 01/20/2009 - 06:21

I have to agree, I do not want to have to wait two years for a fix. I have been working for 2+ months trying to get an IM bug fixed and still can't get that done.

However I do have one question, if you can't set different statuses, why are there 12 different presence icons under the C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\Cisco Unified Personal Communicator\SkinArt\Icons\Presence directory?

What is the point of having them if you can't use them?

billriley19795 Tue, 01/20/2009 - 06:54

I would bet you can use them. We just have to find out how to use them and getting someone to say how is the problem.

What IM bug do you have?

DOUG DAVIDSON Tue, 01/20/2009 - 07:03

That is the problem.

I am having problems with sending IMs, at random times. You can be chatting with someone and their status shows available and suddenly you get a message that the IM can't be delivered. Then when you send it again it goes through with no problem.

I have sent many CUPS and CUPC traces and even packet captures from the server. The CUPS group point to CUPC and the CUPC group point to CUPS.

htluo Tue, 01/20/2009 - 07:45

Right, if you read the article on my blog (CUPS and CUPC, father and son, or not?), you'll understand why.


Just my personal opinion, CUPC team's response is way, way, way slower (or no response at all).

I think it's because CUPC use quite a lot 3rd-party codes. If you've ever used Cisco Agent Desktop, you'll see what I'm saying. :)

billriley19795 Thu, 01/22/2009 - 09:11

So I guess I will ask my question a diffrent way. Does anyone know how to activate the diffrent icons to make it show a diffrent setting when they are on the phone Vs. just idle?


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