CUPC/MOC Citrix Support

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I know the official stance of Cisco is "not supported", but there are alot of applications that are not offically supported that function perfectly normal. I am just wondering if anyone has even tested or deployed these apps in a citrix enviroment.

Citrix actually has an interesting post on its website about MOC working with in Citrix. Of course there are a few limitations, but the core presence and IM works.

kelvin.blair Tue, 05/26/2009 - 11:41

First let me say, I'm not a Citrix expert. You've stated that you have it working in a Citrix environment but audio issues when playing back voicemail. Did you get the local microphone and speaker working through the CUPC Citrix session? If so, How did you do this? I have it all working except one in a softphone mode. This issue is that CUPC is not aware of the local devices of the machine connected via session. In other words, Multimedia redirection support is not working through CUPC.

If you don't mind please share how you got the multimedia redirection working.



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