CSM and IOS Firewall

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In CSM 3.2.1

I can use the flexconfig feature to create a shared policy for site-specific ACLs, which is pretty sweet. The problem is, since these site-specific ACLs are defined in the flexconfig and not in the firewall access rules, when I go to push policy the CSM thinks they're not supposed to be defined on the routers and generates commands to unassign them from their interfaces. Here's my question: Is there a way we can manage an IOS router in CSM but not have it manage the firewall access rules? Then I could put all the interface ACLs in a shared flexconfig policy and manage them that way. Or perhaps there's a way to stop the CSM from generating configuration changes based on what's currently configured on a router and just apply changes that were manually configured through the CSM client? I know it's a long shot, but I figured I'd ask.

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