radclient, slb & freeradius farm

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Jan 22nd, 2009

Now, I'm testing the following scheme:

[radclient]->[slb on 6500 catalyst]->{[freeradius1],[freeradius2]..}

Configuration for slb on 6500 catalyst have next settings:

interface Vlan1

ip address x.x.x.43


ip slb probe RADTEST custom udp

request data 0 01 A5 ....

response 0 data 0 02 ....

interval 2

faildetect 3

timeout 2


ip slb serverfarm RADFARM

failaction purge



real x.x.x.53



real x.x.x.54



ip slb vserver VRAD

virtual x.x.x.42 udp 1812 service radius

serverfarm RADFARM

client x.x.x.49


and each freeradius server have alias eth0:0 with address x.x.x.42/24

This sheme works normally, except next same moments:

1) In a network of servers there are duplicate addresses

2) udp cuscom probe works only when catalyst's mac set permanently on freeradius servers:

arp -s x.x.x.43 {catalyst's mac}, because:

Freeradius server->Broadcast ARP Who has x.x.x.43? Tell x.x.x.42

Cisco->Broadcast ARP Gratuitous ARP for x.x.x.42 (Reply) (duplicate use of x.x.x.42 detected!)

Is this design correct in general?

I have this problem too.
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