Ayodeji Okanlawon Sat, 01/24/2009 - 02:23

Can you give more details.

Are you saying you are unable to do meet-me on the ip communicator? What happens when you try to access the user page?

krishnamurthy.mh Sat, 01/24/2009 - 03:36


Thanks for u r response.

Whenever i click meet-me option on my softphone it will not intiate any conference.If i do from my normal 7942 ip phone it works fine.

When i access user page(softphone), if enter user id and password,it will not show any error message but again it prompts for user id and password.But i acn able to access normal IPPhone(7942) user page.


Ayodeji Okanlawon Sat, 01/24/2009 - 04:53


To setup meet me, you need to first of all have initiated it by dialling the meet me number on the initator's phone. You will then need to dial the meet-me number fromt he soft phone.

Secondly, the use page does not have anything to do with phone. Just ensure the user have a valid telephone number in their user page.

Jaime Valencia Sat, 01/24/2009 - 16:02

make sure the IPC is not configured for low bandwidth, it will cause it to use G729 and SW CFB only supports G711

also as noted by Deji make sure you're using meet-me properly



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