Dial-peer question (sending 15 and 16 digits)

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Jan 26th, 2009

I have a need to send both 15 and 16 digits (including 011 and country code) to Germany. The issue I am running into is that when the user gets to the 15th digit it gets sent since it matches the dial peer with 15. How do I get them to both be viable? I cannot use the 9T since we have a security need to lock down certain patterns.

I have this problem too.
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sticano Mon, 01/26/2009 - 13:30

dial-peer voice 50 pots

description Germany

destination-pattern 901149..........

port 0/3/0:23

forward-digits 15


dial-peer voice 120 pots

description Germany

destination-pattern 901149...........

port 0/3/0:23

forward-digits 16

Jaime Valencia Mon, 01/26/2009 - 13:47

add as last digit T to the one for 15 digits so it expect for more digits

destination-pattern 901149..........T



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sticano Mon, 01/26/2009 - 13:48

do I take out the forward-digits command? Will the 9 get stripped out?

sticano Mon, 01/26/2009 - 13:56

So just to clarify:

dial-peer voice 50 pots

description Germany

destination-pattern 901149..........T

port 0/3/0:23

prefix 011

However, forward-digits 0 gets inserted.

Nicholas Matthews Mon, 01/26/2009 - 13:56

Since you have overlapping dial plans you will have to wait for the interdigit timeout. This means you will have to use the T keyword after your 15 digit dial peer.

This is slightly different from the way that CUCM routes calls, as the gateway will send it as soon as there is a match rather than wait for the longest match.




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