P2_WARN: 1/Traffic from permanent host but seen on incorrect port 3/33

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Roberto Salazar Tue, 01/27/2009 - 15:46

This looks identical to this bug CSCed13361.

You can use the bug tool kit to view the bug:


Note that you will need CCO login to acces the bug tool kit.

Release notes states:

Starting from 6.4(7), customer may see below warning message frequently on console:

2003 Dec 01 17:55:01 PST -07:00 %SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Traffic from permanent host 00:04:c1:82:5f:ff but seen on incorrect port 1/2

In most cases, it is caused by ARP request( from this switch) being flooded back

to itself by neighbor switch. Since the source MAC is system MAC, a console

message is logged. However, the packet is dropped and it is not harmful.

I think that answers your query.


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