UC520 Fax Problem - Help Required

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Feb 1st, 2009
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<p>Hi Everyone,</p>

<p>I am new to VOIP and would require some assistance from you guys out there.</p>

<p>I'll briefly explain the senario.</p>

<p>1. We have a UC520 with 4 FX0 and 4 FXS ports, with only one analog telephone line from the PSTN with one number i.e 6115350.</p>

<p>2. I have connected this PSTN line to the FXO port 0/1/0 landed the calls on ip phone Ext 202. Voice calling is doing fine.</p>

<p>3. We have connected a multi function HP fax machine to the FXS port 0/0/0.</p>

<p>4. We can send fax but cannot receive it the phone keeps on ringing but the fax doesnt start.</p>

<p>5. I've tried plugging in a Analog phone in the same FXS port 0/0/0 and it works (i.e calling from ip phone to the analog phone(ext 301) and vice versa).</p>

<p>6. The device is running on the default configuration that has been shipped from cisco.</p>

<p>I woulde be really greatful if someone could help me resolve this issue.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance</p>


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Nicholas Matthews Sun, 02/01/2009 - 10:48
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If you try to answer the phone from the MFP while the call is ringing, does it connect?  (if you can do this)


I think there is a possible issue with some of the HP MFP's not liking our ringtone for some reason.  My guess is that the port is ringing but the HP MFP doesn't detect it.  Get a 'show voice call summary' when it's happening and see what state the port is in.



mdwasim415 Sun, 02/01/2009 - 21:43
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Hi Nick,

Thanks for your comments. I am sorry in Bullet number 4 I forgot to mention the IP phone keeps on ringing. When somebody sends a fax on my number the IP Phones keeps on ringing i.e ext 202 where I am landing my calls when i pick up teh phone it gives me a usual fax tone. I have tried ringing the MFP which is Ext 301 from ip phones and it rings and vice versa gets connected.

The model of the MFP is HP7200.

Thanks again for your help Guys.


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