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Feb 3rd, 2009
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Where exactly has Cisco hidden links to user guides?  Since this move to you can't find anything easily.  Am I just missing something?  If so, I've had several others look for them too but they seem to also miss them.  Please return full and simple access to all related documents, software, firmware, and release notes to one place on each product's main information site on

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Brian Bergin Tue, 02/03/2009 - 16:39
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I'm sorry, but that's ludicrous.  Do you really expect customers to start at that location?  How exactly do you expect them to get there in the first place?  And after one gets there you want them to dig through every other product to find a manual for one?  Come on, is that really a solution?

The problem is has never been well designed and now you're punishing long time Linksys customers and vendors by forcing them to comply with poor design and lousy functionality. I strongly recommend Cisco revisit Linksys' old site as well as EVERY competitor you have and redesign your site to have information that people actually can use.  The problem is even on your ASA firewall sites you list all the PR documents but you list NO user guides!  You're rather promote than educate.  Unacceptable.

Marcos Hernandez Tue, 02/03/2009 - 17:07
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I have sent this feedback to the appropriate Product Manager, so they are aware of the complain.



Alberto Montilla Wed, 02/04/2009 - 02:49
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Dear Sir;

We appreciate your comments, they are valid. We are currently working to provide a landing page in each product category similar to what is available in the linksys partner sites, where there will be a link to documentation, firmware and tools, break-fix support, sales support, training and third party info among others. These pages are being drafted now and should be available in the following weeks. This will easy the navigation through the support areas as well as make it easier (and more familiar) for you to find the required info.

I appreciate your patience, meanwhile, you have two options for easier access to the product info:

(1) Go to the specific product family page (support area), once there you can check the documents tab. In the documents tab, you have documents named "documentation", firmware and tools, etc. There you have same level of information as before.

(2) Use the search function of the site, it is very powerful.

We keep improving the site based on feedback from partners. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Alberto Montilla

Product Manager

Brian Bergin Wed, 02/04/2009 - 05:13
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Thank you for your reply and yes, I know how to find things on, the problem is cusotmers do NOT know how to navigate this mess and without your customers you wasted the $500 million you paid for Linksys.  I highly recommend you fix this much sooner rather than later.

Marcos Hernandez Wed, 02/04/2009 - 05:50
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Alberto is referring to this site (the one you are using to post this very question). The Support Community will become our main vehicle for customer feedback, documentation and support. Please try the search function on the top right hand side. Also, a login is not required to get any type of special access, unless you want to initiate discussions, create a document or respond to questions yourself. This means that your end customers don't have to have a login to get to the articles, which has been a major request for the longest time.

Thanks for the feedback (and patience). Please let us know if this addresses your concern (taking into account that the site is still being finalized and the categories built, as Alberto mentioned).


Brian Bergin Wed, 02/04/2009 - 08:18
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Unfortuantly you guys have TOTALLY missed my point.  No Linksys VAR gets paid enough to spend their time here asking for manuals and firmware and many customers are going to DEMAND this functionality.  My sales reps have told me to use this too, but is simply NOT a SMB site, it never has been and in its current state never will be.  This continues to show and prove that Cisco's upper managmenet has little or no understanding of the SMB market and simply absorbing the SMB products from Linksys and adding them to will NOT solve that.  Cisco needs a TOTAL overhaul from the top down -OR- and perhaps better yet, leave the Linksys team alone to do what they've done so well for 10+ years that Cisco found it necessary to spend $500 million to buy and not build on their own, sell to and support the SMB market, but sending every reseller, consultant, and VAR to this site (which still requires a login) to find a user manual is a waste of my time and until you pay me to look all over the place to find your misplaced documentation it isn't going to cut it.

Alberto Montilla Thu, 02/05/2009 - 03:54
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Dear sir;

A small comment. I can say (being a Linksys guy for more than 3 years) that we, as Cisco employees, are making a big effort to create, adapt and enhance both Cisco and Linksys users' and partners' experience in our commitment to bring the Small Business solutions required for enhancing their productivity and customer satisfaction, under the new Cisco Small Business products and solutions experience. Our commitment is strong, so I can ensure you will see changes, enhancements and improvements week over week. However, as you may imagine, this does not happen in a few days...I appreciate your patience here, and your constructive comments to help us improve faster.



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