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Feb 3rd, 2009

Not sure why I am receiving these messages. Straight forward script attached. CCX 5.0. Call Accept, Call Treatment, Select Resource. We have been having an issue with calls dropping on 2 of our PRIs. These involve calls that are transferred by the operator to a route point. At least that is how we are able to reproduce the problem. Calls directly to the route point or call into our regular incoming lines on a different group of PRIs we do not have the problem. Curious if anyone has seen this particular message.

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<br />1861662: Feb 03 16:11:23.484 CST %MIVR-LIB_EVENT-5-TOO_LONG_IN_QUEUE:Event queue time exceeded:[CALL_DISCONNECTED,state=CALL_DISCONNECTED,isRemote=true,task=AppTask[id=0x6c088f75d,time=1233698806625,state=ABORTED, No. of executed steps: 1000,active=false, No. of executed steps: 1000,app=App[name=Brinkmann_ConsumerLines,type=Cisco Script Application,id=2,desc=Brinkmann_ConsumerLines,enabled=true,max=60,valid=true,cfg=[ApplicationConfig[schema=ApplicationConfig,time=Mon Jan 26 15:12:41 CST 2009,recordId=154,desc=Brinkmann_ConsumerLines,name=Brinkmann_ConsumerLines,type=Cisco Script Application,id=2,enabled=true,sessions=60,script=SCRIPT[Brinkmann_ConsumerLines_BASIC.aef],defaultScript=,vars=[< p_HolidayGreeting ,defaultVars=null]]],trigger=ContactApplicationTrigger[time=1233698806625,locale=en,cfg=JTAPITriggerConfig[schema=ApplicationTriggerConfig,time=Thu Jan 29 09:44:12 CST 2009,recordId=91,desc=Cisco JTAPI Trigger,name=4262,type=Cisco JTAPI Trigger,appName=Brinkmann_ConsumerLines,enabled=true,sessions=60,idleTimeout=5000,locale=en,parms={},taskGroups=[],controlClass=class,controlGroupId=0,contactGroups=[GroupInfo[,id=0]],dn=4262,cmDeviceName=ConsLine4262_RP,cmDeviceInvalid=false,cmDescription=Main Consumer Lines Route Point,cmDevicePoolUUID={7952877B-74FA-4A58-0460-4D24C59D9A13},cmDevicePoolName=Brinkmann_DP,cmCallingSearchSpaceUUID=,cmCallingSearchSpaceName=None,cmLocationUUID={29C5C1C4-8871-4D1E-8394-0B9181E8C54D},cmLocationName=Hub_None,cmPartitionUUID=,cmPartitionName=None,cmVoiceMailProfileUUID=,cmVoiceMailProfileName=None,cmCallPickUpGroupUUID=,cmCallPickUpGroupName=,cmDisplay=,cmExternalPhNumMask=,cmFwdBusyVM=false,cmFwdBusyDest=,cmFwdBusyCSSUUID=,cmFwdBusyCSSName=None,cmAlertingNameAscii=,cmPresenceGroupUUID=ad243d17-98b4-4118-8feb-5ff2e1b781ac,cmPresenceGroupName=Standard Presence group],contact=JTAPICallContact[id=4931,implId=13312/1,state=STATE_ABANDONED_IDX,inbound=true,App name=Brinkmann_ConsumerLines,task=29000005469,session=30000004771,seq num=0,cn=4262,dn=4262,cgn=5125025742,ani=null,dnis=null,clid=null,atype=DIRECT,lrd=null,ocn=4262,route=RP[num=4262],TP=2646]],[email protected]1795003,default=null],isRemote=true,contactImplId=13312/1,lastContactImplId=13312/1,session=Session[id=001-0x6fc23bea3,parent=null,active=false,state=SESSION_DISPOSED,time=1233698806578],lastSession=Session[id=001-0x6fc23bea3,parent=null,active=false,state=SESSION_DISPOSED,time=1233698806578],contactSeqNum=0,lastContactSeqNum=0] on JTAPICallContact[id=4931,implId=13312/1,state=STATE_ABANDONED_IDX,inbound=true,App name=Brinkmann_ConsumerLines,task=29000005469,session=30000004771,seq num=0,cn=4262,dn=4262,cgn=5125025742,ani=null,dnis=null,clid=null,atype=DIRECT,lrd=null,ocn=4262,route=RP[num=4262],TP=2646] at Tue Feb 03 16:11:18 CST 2009,Queue Time=5000

<br />1861663: Feb 03 16:11:23.484 CST %MIVR-SS_CM-7-UNK:ICDContactAdapter 4931 : ContactTerminated received for App FW contact 4931, iefSourceContact is 16790528 [13312/1] (4053)

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<br />

<br />1) Brinkmann_ConsumerLines_BASIC.aef

<br />

I have this problem too.
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Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 02/09/2009 - 15:14

What exact version of CCM and OS are you using? Complete IPCC Express version, SR? Build?

What is the CAD Version?

Do you have one stand alone or HA IPCC Environment?

iftikharsyed_2 Mon, 02/09/2009 - 20:36


Your script is exceeding 1000 steps of execution. There is a parameter in APPADMIn interface to set the number of executed steps. GoTo http://UCCX_IP_Address/appadmin -> System -> System Parameters. Under Application Parameters tab you can change number of "Max Number of Executed Steps" default is 1000. Increasing the number might solve your problem. You should also check your script why the number of executed steps are exceeding 1000.



Iftikhar Ahmed

Chris Deren Mon, 02/09/2009 - 21:06

As already stated you are reaching the limit.

If you do not think you have 1000 steps in your script, I would recommend inspecting it for possible infinite loops.



iftikharsyed_2 Mon, 02/09/2009 - 21:23


I have checked your script, Your queue (str_CSQ) is infinite.

Its better if you implement it with an"If" using an integer variable to be checked and once it reaches maximum number of retries call should be end or forwarded to a step suggesting the caller for

"Recording message and some agent callbacks the caller" to ensure you dont get starvation issues.


Iftikhar Ahmed

edguidry Tue, 02/10/2009 - 07:32

Thanks for the input. See another related post of mine titled "UCCX 5.0 Queued call being dropped after approximately 3 minutes".

I did cleanup the scripts by adding:


Terminate step

End label


the infinite loop was being caused by me trying to terminate a contact that had already terminated.


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