Laurent Aubert Tue, 02/03/2009 - 20:29
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If you are using DMVPN for voice traffic, you can have a look to the following white paper:

Since 12.4T you have also per tunnel service-policy available:

But if your marking happens before the packet is routed to the tunnel interface, DSCP field is copied from the inner to the outer header so you can apply also a service-policy directly on your WAN interface as you didn't loose your marking information.

One concern is if packets get delayed for a too long time because of high congestion they might be dropped on the other end because of the anti-replay window.



tmesbah Thu, 02/05/2009 - 05:07
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Thanks Laurent. No, we are using DMVPN for DATA for now and we have these two requirements:

1. QoS to put FTP and Netbios copy on Best Effort with limited bandwith.

2. Critical application, like, SQL, VDI "Virtual Desktop Infrastructure", Mail "Exchange", as mission critical with Garantie bandthwith

3. create Scavenger for not desired traffic "nepstart,...."

4. QoS for Video Streaming and video conferencing on I think Priority class.

We don't have voice now "using still PBX".



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