DMA 6.13 error

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Feb 3rd, 2009
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I'm getting the error below when running DMA on CCM 4.1.3.

I can't figure out how to fix it , beside opening a TAC case.

Any pointers on where/what to look for will be appreciated


[06:54:10 PM] modExportDatabase=Failure

[06:54:10 PM] Failed to complete database processing successfully.

[06:54:10 PM] License file (licupgrade.lic)is not generated as expected due to unsuccessful initialization or DMA validation.

[06:54:10 PM] Failed to validate Cisco CallManager database and directory exported data.

[06:54:10 PM] The exported data cannot be used for upgrade.

[06:54:10 PM] Correct the database and/or directory data and run DMA again.

[06:54:10 PM] Verification of DB in IDS failed. Retaining the TAR file as it is.

[06:54:13 PM] Building archive \\\d$\DMAExportFailed02-03-09#17-00.tar.

[06:54:53 PM] Archive built successfully.


The error number is: [-691]

The error message is: [-691 Missing key in referenced table for referential constraint


The following additional event information is available:

This record was not processed because another record it needs,

(see reference name listed below), is missing. This likely may be due to a previous error

already reported in the log above, or the result of Directory Services Export issues

reported separately, or due to missing Product, Locale, or other add-on definition CSV

files that should exist on the source system but do not.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Resolve all prior reported issues. If none, look at the Suspected Field,

if listed, for an indication of what data reference could not be resolved. Some hints:

- if ...DirGroup related, check for a Directory Export failure

- if ...Locale related, check for a missing Locale Plug-In

Re-execute DMA when all other issues are addressed.

Suspected Field/Item Is [DMABack_Admin.fk_endusernumplanmap_fkenduser]

TABLE NAME IS [endusernumplanmap ]

fkenduser 'abf0bd93-b3ed-4366-8acf-c30836413bbe'

pkid '1c947802-24fb-4192-a63d-f62cd438e4d7'

tkdnusage 1


Sorry. Unable to parse and identify error number. Raw Message follows:

02/03/2009 17:51:38.053 installdb| installFull *ERROR* Prior Cancel or Error Processing convert4to5()|

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gogasca Wed, 02/04/2009 - 22:18
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Open case please

We need more info to track problem.

After running DMA, if errors or warnings are found, please look at the following files to find the errors:

\\\\\\\\\\\\* C:/CiscoWebs/DMA/Status.HTML .

\\\\\\\\\\\\* C:/CiscoWebs/DMA/Bin/*.log . This file contains all warnings in the data.

\\\\\\\\\\\\* C:/Program Files/Cisco/Trace/DMA/* .

\\\\\\\\\\\\* C:/Program Files/Cisco/Trace/DMA//.* .

\\\\\\\\\\\\* C:/Program Files/Cisco/Trace/DBL/install*.log . This file contains all fatal errors in the data. Search for '*ERROR' in this file.

\\\\\\\\\\\\* C:/tmp/db/sql//.sql.log? . Files in these directories contain errors in the stored procedures and triggers. Search for 'error' in these files

alberto.alvarez Mon, 02/16/2009 - 05:35
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Hello Gonzalo,

During the DMA I receive almost the same error message. If I check the file under: C:/Program Files/Cisco/Trace/DBL/install*.log, I can find the error but very difficult to know what I need to do to resolve it. Can you perhaps help me on that?



borisdecout Mon, 02/16/2009 - 08:22
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This is what TAC asked me to do.

- Delete all unassigned DNs

- Make sure that users do not contain invalid characters, like hyphens, * ,#, or blank spaces.

- Verify that users primary extension association, if any, correspond to a valid directory numbers

- Make sure that the last name field is not empty, if telephone fields are populated, verify as well that no spaces or special characters are included.

- If you have installed any locale, reinstall it.

In the end, I had a user named telecaster

for IPCC with no primary extension defined and no devices associated.

Seems like telecaster is treated differently than regulr users by DMA.

After deleting it, DMA was able to go further.

Also, If you want help, you need to post your specific error message(s).


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