Leo Laohoo Tue, 02/03/2009 - 20:44

USB support for the WS-SUP720 & WS-SUP32 is not yet available or not enabled.

Leo Laohoo Tue, 02/03/2009 - 20:56


In 2007, I asked the Cisco SE and this was the response. I used the Cisco Software Advisor (http://tools.cisco.com/Support/Fusion/FusionHome.do) and checked the IOS feature set (both modular and monolithic) and didn't come up with a hit.

Sorry to disappoint.

If you are interested in using the USB for IOS firmware, I recommend using one of the two Compact Flash (CF) drives. I've used it quiet successfully.

Basically it was built just-in-case the USB function will be incorporated someday.


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