Wan optimization

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Feb 5th, 2009

Hi Friends,

Any idea about WAN optimization, is there any free tools for this.


Any particular hardware devices are there for WAN optimization.



I have this problem too.
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Mohamed Sobair Thu, 02/05/2009 - 04:27


For Wan Optimization, you can have a look at Cisco WAAS (Wide Area Application Service).

it contains three important items which of concerned and they are:

1- Availability.

2- Optimization.

3- Security.

Cisco WAAS consist of the following:

1- WAE (Wide Area application Engine)

2- Centeral Manager.

The WAE, should be implemented on the Edge Of the Network, what WAE does is accelrating Application response as it contains File Caching system, Compression , and it preserve L4 to L7 information. which would help improve the performance of all TCP application avoiding TCP application normal behaviour.

The WAE speeds application response, optimizes Network performance, REeduces Bandwidth Usage in the WAN link.

The Function of the "Centeral Manager" can be described as follows:

1- WAE system update.

2- System Logs and reporting.

3- provide GUI access config for all deployed WAEs.

Cisco recommends installing at least 2 Centeral managers in 2 differnet subnet and Geographically seperated for Redundancy purposes. If the Central manager goes down, then WAE still functions but without the ability of accessing it.

WAE can be deployed (INlINE) or with unique phisical Subinterface or its own Vlan.

When WAE deployed (INLINE), there is no need to configure any type of traffic redirection using WCCP or PBR.

when Deployed other than (Inline), then WCCP or PBR has to be implemented to redirect HTTP,HTTPS,FTP . its recommended to configure WCCP version 2 cause its more Scalable than PBR.



Joseph W. Doherty Thu, 02/05/2009 - 04:47

There are many devices (including non-Cisco) and some Cisco modules that deliever some form of "WAN optimization". Most of these provide some combination of caching, compression or TCP protocol improvements. What such devices try to optimize is either the limited bandwidth often found within a WAN (vs. LAN) and/or increased WAN latency.

Unsure you'll find much in the category of "free tools", however, you can sometimes "optimize" WAN performance by fully using some of the "free" features found within network devices and network hosts. For the latter, upgrading the software of a host may provide an improved network stack, or there might be benefit for tuning some host network stack parameters. Network devices might offer QoS or other features that might improve perceived network host performance for some hosts or might improve "goodput" (more effective data transfer) performance.

Do keep in mind, whether using purchased tools or "free" tools, the cost of an engineer's time to support them often isn't "free".

ilnaiduccna Thu, 02/05/2009 - 05:32

Hi Mohamed,

Yes you are saying about Cisco WAAS (Wide Area Application Server).

But we are looking about some of the free tools like CACTI, NAGIOS......

Is there any thing like those, if you have any idea please tell me it will be much help full to me.



Mohamed Sobair Thu, 02/05/2009 - 05:39

Offcourse WAAS is not a free tool, however, I dont think there is a tool that would provide Wan Optimization as such for free.

Its not a Monitoring or Utilization Graph. Could u please let me know what those CACTI,Nagios do in detail?



ilnaiduccna Thu, 02/05/2009 - 05:49

Hi Mohamed,

Hoped that i will get some clue about free tools.

CACTI: we can monitor utilization and we can manage the traffic like http, tftp, udp, etc.,,,

Nagios: it will work as like CACTI.




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