Esurance Networ... Tue, 10/18/2016 - 12:30
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Geoff, All

we have following issue, any insight to this ? Would be highly appreciated ...

 Delay is experienced by agent, before O/B call is made. When agent goes ready, sometimes have to wait even a few minutes, to be offered by the Dialer to make outbound call (direct preview).

Esurance Networ... Tue, 10/18/2016 - 12:32
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It is a SCCP dialer UCCE ver 9.0.4

not all campaigns have this issue in my environment but just 1 particular agent based campaign and couldn't find any differences by staring & comparing between other campaigns

Shalid Kurunnan... Mon, 03/31/2014 - 22:42
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Dear Expert,.


could you please help me to understnad or trouble shoot the outbound dialer issue which i am faicng in my setup.


1. we have SIP dialer (UCCE 8.5.4) dialing in Preview direct mode. i am facing issue that agents are getting calls after waiting long time. (ie, delay in recieiving the call from dialer).what may be the cause of the same, how can i trouble shoot it.


2. what is the need of node LAA in the Agent reservation routing script?

Highly appreciate your support in advance.



Shalid K.C

Shalid Kurunnan... Wed, 07/15/2015 - 14:03
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i figure out the answer for my first question, the delay was due to the usage of cisco ip communicator as an end point. 

and it is already mentioned in the cisco doc that for sip dialer it is not recomend to use cisco ip communicator since it results in delay .. 


but still waiting for the second point.. if any one can shed some lights on this. 

Chintan Gajjar Thu, 07/16/2015 - 04:12
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LAA is to select longest available agent from skill or enterprise skill.

but its not must to use, you can have your reservation script designed which uses route select as well. many ways to do that.



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