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Feb 9th, 2009

What would cause "Interface Description" to be populated with: FastEthernet0/0 User configured description: fa0/0 1 bg-nb-r1 NORTEL FE).1, in the "Processor Port Interfaces" section of the Detailed Device Report and the very next interface fa0/1, not show any results when an interface description has been defined, shows only FastEthernet0/1?

Correct Answer by Joe Clarke about 8 years 2 weeks ago

RME 4.1.1 is part of LMS 3.0.1. RME 4.2 (where the fix exists) is part of LMS 3.1.

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Joe Clarke Mon, 02/09/2009 - 10:44

This sounds like my bug, CSCsm31447.


The Interface Description for certain interfaces may have the wrong user-configured value, or no user-configured value at all. This can be seen in the inventory reports in Resource Manager Essentials which show interface details (e.g. the Detailed Device Report).


This will occur for devices which have ports that have descriptions that end in a number. If the number at the very end of the description is not the same as ifIndex, then the RME reports will not accurately reflect that description.


There is no workaround.

Joe Clarke Tue, 02/10/2009 - 09:11

It is fixed in RME 4.2 now. I have also written a patch for RME 4.1.1.

sirbaughmf Tue, 02/10/2009 - 10:28

On this system, I am currently on rme version there a migration path to get to 4.1.1? Or is that a LMS 3.0 version?

Correct Answer
Joe Clarke Tue, 02/10/2009 - 10:37

RME 4.1.1 is part of LMS 3.0.1. RME 4.2 (where the fix exists) is part of LMS 3.1.


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