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Feb 9th, 2009
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Dunno where to post this possible hardware problem. But here it goes.

I bought 17 new routers with the following (all new).

- Model: Cisco 2811 Router

- DRAM: 256MB

- FLASH: 128MB

- 2 x FastEthernet

- 1 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Module

- ROM:12.4(13r)T

- IOS: c2800nm-advsecurityk9-mz.124-21.bin

- WIC-2T

They are to replace existing Cisco 2600 Routers.

I encountered a problem with one of the 2811 router. The serial interface is up/down non-stop. Here are the steps that I did so far;

1. I change the WIC-2T of the problem router from 16 routers that is working

- The problem continues

2. Call the Telco to check the line.

- No problem with the line

3. I change the WIC-2T with WIC-1T

- The problem stops and line working fine

4. Sent "show tech-support" and problem description to my vendor. They sent an RMA router (looks new).

- The problem continues with WIC-2T but not with WIC-1T

5. I try all my old WIC-2T from store room and only the WIC-2T with Board Revision J0 works.

WIC Slot0:

Serial 2T (12in1)

Hardware revision 1.0 Board revision J0

Serial number 30727202 Part number 800-03181-01

FRU Part Number WIC-2T=

Test history 0x0 RMA number 00-00-00

Connector type PCI

EEPROM format version 1

EEPROM contents (hex):

0x20: 01 12 01 00 01 D4 Dc 22 50 0C 6D 01 00 00 00 00

0x30: 98 00 00 00 03 07 23 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF

I remember 6 years ago when Cisco release a range of device serial numbers with defects (I think that was Cisco Catalyst Switches whic it hits 4 of my switches). I was wondering if cisco have a similar issue with 2811 Routers and I happen to get both the 17th router I purchase and the RMA router.

Since my vendor has no clue what is going on (not sure if they share the problem with Cisco), I asked my vendor to ask Cisco to replace the WIC-2T with Board Revision J0 as thats the WIC-2T that works with my 17th router. However, Cisco has sent a WIC-2T to us multiple times (3 times) but its not Revision J0. They even asked us to take a photo of the WIC-2T board in my 17th router :)

Any idea what causing this?

Thanks in advance.


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