VPN client using CLI on windows 2003 server

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Feb 10th, 2009

Hello, first time poster here. Have an interesting issue I'm hoping to find help with.

I'm using the VPN client (I have version in CLI mode (called from a script) to connect to a remote site. Got the connection setup and all working fine except for one small detail. Hopefully I can explain this well...

I want this connection to run fully unattended as it will run numerous times per day, every day. The issue is the little pop-up message saying "VPN has disconnected".

When I first setup the connection, it was on windows XP and everything was golden. I could issue the command : vpnclient connect <name> user <userid> pwd <passwd> sd, <other stuff>, vpnclient disconnect and all worked as expected.

Then I installed same stuff on Windows 2003 server. Issuing same connect command gives error: "user authentication failed". Then I discovered that if I first launched the vpn client GUI then the CLI command, it would connect without error - but then the "disconnected" pop-up window came along.

So - can I either:

- Run vpn client in CLI mode without the GUI running.

- Suppress the pop-up.

Thanks in advance.


I have this problem too.
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