DMP 4300 has blank screen

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Feb 10th, 2009
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DMP 4300 has blank screen when a presentation is sent from from DMM.

DMM and DMP4300 both running 5.02.

The DMP 4300 multicast Video from encoder works as well as browser. All presentation I send cause the DMP 4300 to blank the screen

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rmiller10 Mon, 02/16/2009 - 12:29
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I am getting a black screen when I send any content to be displayed also.



Any help from anyone would be appreciated.

Charles Little Mon, 02/23/2009 - 12:46
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Tell me more about your network config. I read that the multicast video works fine when viewed from your browser? What Codec are you using to encode with? Is this over the local LAN? Will other content play?

barrycollins Mon, 02/23/2009 - 14:48
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This is on a very large LAN, a routed 10g backbone with ip multicast-routing turned on all of our switches, and ip pim sparse-mode as well. Our encoders are on a differnt subnet 5 hops away.

We have been using Cisco IPTV for years and are using the newer DME2000, Visionary Solutions, and also Tandberg encoders and they stream through the network fine. Streaming video works on the DMP 4300. All presentation that are created from the DMM that are sent to the DMP 4300 cause the screen to switch to browser mode, go blank, and then display a butterfly. I can send Alerts from the DMM to the DMP 4300 which does an FTP between the DMM and DMP and it works OK. I just can't get normal presentation created on the DMM to display on the DMP. I have a TAC case open with Cisco but no help so far.

Charles Little Tue, 02/24/2009 - 05:59
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Sounds like your network is fine and well designed. I have attached the Scientific Atlanta Encoder config for live video to the Digital Signs just for grins.

You should not be storing any content on the DMM even though it allows you to do that. In a large install it can affect DMM viability in the long haul. If you are not using ACNS you should be positioning content and applications on a standard Apache server on the network. All your videos, jpegs, all media and HTML web presentations. What I do is build the application with the DMD and serve the applications up from the DMM rather than try to transfer them to the DMPs. Just don't put any content on the DMM. Trying to transfer applications to the DMP is painful and problematic sometimes. What I think may be happening is that not all the presentation / code is making it to the DMPs and thats why it is throwing the butterfly error indicator. The internal FTP program in the DMM 5.0 and prior has opportunities, to say it nicely. I first tried this route and gave up because of the continuing issues I encountered. Lots of butterflies. I understand that the 5.1 upgrade has a much improved version. Still if you are working across a large deployment trying to do that can be problematic. Use the "URL" tab in the DMD or the media manager to link to the prepositioned content on the Apache server With the Digital Media designer. That should work much better for you.

If you wish please feel free to call me or contact me directly and I will help you step through this. I hope this helps. We are a Cisco Ecosystem partner specializing in the DMS and will be glad to help.


C.O. Little

[email protected]

(919) 556-0560


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