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Feb 10th, 2009
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i have a 2811 router on a remote site. when i disconnect the link between remote site and hq the phones have to switch into fallback mode. in ucm, all is configured correctly. when i check registration on the gateway with "show ephone" - no phone is registered. I'm running IOS 12.4(13r)T. And here is my config:

At remote-site i have 7941/7961/7911

CONFIG (Version=4.0(0))


Version 4.0(0)

For on-line documentation please see:

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ip source-address x.x.x.x port 2000

max-ephones 35

max-dn 35

max-conferences 4 gain -6

dspfarm units 0

dspfarm transcode sessions 0


dialplan-pattern 1 xxxxxx... extension-length 3

dialplan-pattern 2 xxxxxx..... extension-length 5

cnf-file location: system:

cnf-file option: PER-PHONE-TYPE

network-locale[0] US (This is the default network locale for this box)

network-locale[1] US

network-locale[2] US

network-locale[3] US

network-locale[4] US

user-locale[0] DE (This is the default user locale for this box)

user-locale[1] US

user-locale[2] US

user-locale[3] US

user-locale[4] US

srst mode auto-provision is OFF

srst ephone template is 0

srst dn template is 0

srst dn line mode is single

time-format 24

date-format dd-mm-yy

timezone 0 Greenwich Standard Time

secondary-dialtone 0

no call-forward pattern is configured.

no transfer-pattern is configured, transfer is restricted to local SCCP phones only.

alias 1 xxxxxx to xxxx

alias 2 xxxxx... to xxxx

alias 3 xxxxxxx..... to xxxxx

keepalive 30

timeout interdigit 10

timeout busy 10

timeout ringing 180

timeout ringin-callerid 8

caller-id name-only: enable

system message primary Notbetrieb

Limit number of DNs per phone:

7910: 36

7935: 36

7936: 36

7940: 36

7960: 36

7970: 36

Log (table parameters):

max-size: 150

retain-timer: 15

transfer-system full-consult

local directory service: enabled.

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