Get UDPs uuid (pkid) into an array in PERL

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Feb 11th, 2009

Hi all,

I'm new here, and also new in AXL.

Just trying to solve one case, where I need to copy value of user device profile description to line description on first line.

For one profile it's quite easy via this part of PERL script:

my $var2 = SOAP::Data->type('string')->name('profileName' => '...profile name...'); # specify profile name...

my $som2 = $soap->getDeviceProfile($var2); # and put into GetDeviceProfile

my $profileUuid = $som2->dataof("//getDeviceProfileResponse/return/profile/")->attr->{uuid}; # retrieve UDP uuid from getDeviceProfileResponse XML structure

my $dirnUuid = $som2->dataof("//dirn")->attr->{uuid}; # retrieve first line uuid

my $udpDesc = $som2->valueof('//description'); # retrieve value of UDP description (needed to copy to line description)

my @update3 = (

SOAP::Data->type('string')->name('uuid' => $dirnUuid),

SOAP::Data->type('string')->name('description' => $udpDesc));

my $som4 = $soap->updateLine(@update3);

But how to get in bulk?

My idea is to get device profiles uuid (pkid), add it to an array, after that make a cycle, where to every row will be assigned first directory number (dirn) uuid and from that make update line description.

I don't know, how to put all uuid's (pkid's) into an array, because sql query returns all at once.

my $sql = SOAP::Data->type('string')->name('sql' => 'SELECT pkid from Device');

my $arr = $soap->executeSQLQuery($sql);

Any idea?

Thanks in advance

Lukas Pecenka

I have this problem too.
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