MARS Utilization status

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Feb 12th, 2009

as we know that the MARS capacity is masured by :


-netflow event/sec

i have MARS 100 installed in my network , it has capacity:

-5000 event/sec.

-150000 netflow/sec

how can i know the status of the current utilization (events/sec , netflow/sec) for My deployed MARS , because i want to know if it near the full capacity or not ?

I have this problem too.
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Farrukh Haroon Sun, 02/15/2009 - 02:20

On the MARS 'Summary' page you see the EPS for the whole day (last 24 hours). You can divide that figure to get the approx. EPS. e.g.

Netflow 128,862

Events 9,384,184

9,384,184 / 86,400 = 108.6 EPS

1 day = 86,400 seconds.



bj2001holt Tue, 02/24/2009 - 11:45

I have found the best way to do this is to log into the console of the box and look at the backend logs (show log backend). Every couple of minutes it will log the current EPS and Netflow calculations. You should also watch the database usage to ensure that log data is not being overwritten to quickly (pndbusage).

davidcruise Wed, 03/11/2009 - 02:24

Thanks for your reply , but i don't find the command "show log backend" , when i access the CLI through SSH , should i access console or what?

Farrukh Haroon Wed, 03/11/2009 - 07:01

The command is 'pnlog show backend'

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Farrukh Haroon

ssearls Tue, 05/26/2009 - 11:19

This must be done on the Local controllers for those of you that have Local and Global controllers out there as the Global do not "receive" events


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