CUMC on Blackberry :- Do I absolutely need CUMA ?

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Feb 12th, 2009


I want to explore the two basic Mobility functions that are built into CM 7.0 (and I believe 6.0 as well) :-

Mobile Voice Access

Unified Mobility a.k.a. Single Number Reachme.

From the docs I have read so far, I have come across mention of running these two applications in conjuction with clients on SmartPhones.

I was wondering if this was a reference to CUMC ?

In other words :-

Do I need a FULL CUMA deployment to expereince CUMC on a Blackberry ?

Or can I experiment with Mobile Voice Access with CUMC and CUCM 7.0's mobility service WITHOUT running full blown CUMA..


I have this problem too.
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Tommer Catlin Thu, 02/12/2009 - 08:00

you can use Single Number reach with any cell phone. You can use it in CUCM 6.x and 6.x, it's built in. If you want to use the blackberry pluggin and load the software on the smart phones, that is a different store.

Basically, if you want a caller to dial your extension or line, and SNR is enabled, it's basically a shared line. The call will ring your line on your phone, Mobility Profile will have your cell number built in. You have to play around with the delays for ringing, and pulling back the call, but it works like a champ. The Mobility App gives you all sorts of special features, like when you make a call from your cell phone, it looks like you are calling from your desk phone, DND, etc.

shahedvoicerite Thu, 02/12/2009 - 08:06


But when you say :-

"If you want to use the blackberry plugin... its a different story"

Are you saying that the Blackberry plugin is *different* from CUMC ?

Or are you saing that CUMC can work with the CallManager Mobility Service ?

Unfortunately I dont have CUCM 7.0 installed (waiting for hardware) so it may be a while before I can try any of this out myself...


Tommer Catlin Thu, 02/12/2009 - 08:09

Sorry, Mobile Communicator. I have not set it up myself yet. It's very new.

shahedvoicerite Thu, 02/12/2009 - 08:20

Thanks again !

From all my research so far, it looks like you do NEED a full CUMA deployment to run CUMC :-(

What makes this even more painfull is that while you can have just CallManager to interop with CUCM (for basic functionality) , you still need :-

1. MS Exchange Server

2. MS Active Directory

3. Cisco ASA 5500 series hardware.

Optionally, you can add

Cisco Unified Presence

Meeting Place Express (AFAIK)

Unity / Unity Connections

And have all the features of all these wonderfull applications in the palm of your hands :-)

If I do get all this to work someday, I will share my experience !!

Also, what makes reading the Cisco Docs to find answers so confusing is all the product name changes :-(



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