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So I have 9 WLC's all running I'm having 3 controllers that have reoccuring issues with the ability to create guest accounts. One week it seems to work then another it doesn't. I upgraded WCS from version to in an attempt to resolve some of the issues I saw where known issues in that version. Currently 6 controllers work fine with no issue, the 3 problematic controllers still have problems though now the error messages are completely different.

When I try to create an account through WCS on the 3 afflicted controllers I get the following error:

Error(s): You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:

Error: Could not apply this guest user account as it may already exist on the controller(s). Please verify if controller(s) are reachable from WCS and the selected profile exists on the controller(s) with Webauth enabled on it. Please send WCS logs to network administrator.

The controllers are reachable according to WCS, I've saved config to flash and refreshed config from the controllers. I have verified the guest account is not on any of the local controllers.

When I try to create a local net user on the controllers individually not using WCS i get the following error

"Error in setting password for user"

Anyone got any ideas? I've had issues before on these 3 controllers where for some reason WCS was showing a template applied to the controller but the settings weren't being applied correctly.

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Don't know how but my database was at max entries (512). I have no mac filters, no disabled clients, and only 30 or so users. Was able to create more accounts by increasing size on the database and rebooting.

show database summary

security general tab on the WLC GUI increase size from 512

reboot WLC


The local user database is limited to a maximum of 2048 entries and is set to a default value of 512 entries (on the Security > General page). This database is shared by local management users (including lobby ambassadors), net users (including guest users), MAC filter entries, and disabled clients. Together these cannot exceed the configured database size.


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