CVP Microapp to capture invalid DTMF?

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ICM 7.2.4

CVP 4.0.1 SR1

If all agents r busy we use 'GD,agentsbusy-prompt' microapp to announce that 'all agents r busy, to leave a VM press 1', on press 1 we use a CED 1 to send a label (which is our VM no) back to CVP for the call to be fwded to VM.

All works fine if we press 1 - but if we press 2 or some thing else or if we do not press anything - the call gets disconnected. Normal behavious - as we do not capture anything other that CED 1 in the CED node, but we want to capture and treat invalid entries.

Can we do that? How?

Would we have to use M,<prompt> microapp instead.

I tried adding more than one Case to the CED node to add Cases 0-9 and DTMF 0-9 corresponding to each case, but the CED node does not allow me to add more than one case.

What could be the solution?

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I have this problem too.
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Why are you finding this difficult? You have your GD set to 1,1 just to get one character, don't you?

You only need the one entry in your CED table - the 1. Otherwise, the X port just continues with the queue.

You do need to deal with the retries however.

Configure the microapp to have 1 retry only for invalid entry (hard for a caller to trigger) and 1 retry for no entry - this is the one that interests you.

Specify that you want to override the default message for no entry ("please make a selection") and follow the advice in the guide on the naming convention. Make this file contain (say) a quarter of a second of silence.

Branch out of the X port of the GD microapp and check the ECC variable for the CVP error. If it's 16 or 17 (can't recall which is which) it indicates a time out and just send that back to the queue.

If it's not that, it's a real CVP error and you deal with it in the normal way.

In summary:

(a) if the user enters 1, send them to Unity

(b) if the user enters any other key, it comes out the success port of the Run Ext Script but out the X port of the CED and you keep them in the queue

(c) if the caller makes no entry, the microapp plays your custom _no_entry_error.wav which is just silence and the "call" comes out the X port of the Run Ext Script. You check the ECC error variable and if it indicates no entry, keep them queued.



david.macias Fri, 02/13/2009 - 03:12

The above will solve your problem, I just wanted to point out that the CED node doe have a NONE option and you can make this a branch just like 1,1.



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