Dial-peer not matching ?!?! strange. help please!!!

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Hello there,

I am having problems on matching my outgoing dial peer, the one i Dont want takes over you may say.

i dial to 8018xxx33 would like dial peer 8187061 to be the one, as a better destination pattern, yet dial peer 22 takes over out of the blue.

not sure why this is happening but i am open to ideas.

the call flow i would like is:

dial peer 1001 (in call) -> dial peer 8187061 (for the h323).

but i am getting 1001 -> 22

0xB4983 2FD9 0x657381B4 6/3:D.0 3004/4 8018xxx33 g711ulaw 1001/22

and here are the dial peers:

dial-peer voice 1001 pots

trunkgroup 40

corlist incoming listNoANI

description Incoming Test line for Cisco1 slot/port/ds1/chan=6/3 400hz

application au_ani_400

incoming called-number 866xxx435

and the problematic ones:

dial-peer voice 8187061 voip

description Outgoing Test for VoIP International - Delete after test


destination-pattern 8018xxx33

voice-class codec 69

voice-class h323 1

session target ipv4:x.x.x.x

dtmf-relay rtp-nte h245-signal h245-alphanumeric

dial-peer voice 22 voip

corlist outgoing listNoANI

destination-pattern [2-8].........

session protocol sipv2

session target ipv4:x.x.x.x.x

codec g711ulaw

clid network-number 70244xxxxx

any ideas? may it be the Corlist that is taking over?

dial peer 8187061 is the longest match that i am dialing to.

thanks in advance,


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paolo bevilacqua Fri, 02/13/2009 - 12:39
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What application au_ani_400 does?

A incoming DP with application (currently termed "service") should in fact end there without further processing.

Remember, you can always testoutgoing DP with "show dialplan number XXX "

Hey Boss,

Thanks for the advice, it was actually the corlist that took preference over the dial peer matching.

the command you gave me was GOLD thanks you.

i am now getting a fast busy signal on the line, are there any good debug command that i may run to check the h323 call on this dial peer.



paolo bevilacqua Fri, 02/13/2009 - 13:16
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Strange it was the corlist, these are supposed to only block a DP, not change priorities.

You can do some debug cch323 if you feel like looking into a bunch of cryptic output. Else, debug ccapi, debug dialpeer are often useful, but still too verbose for my taste.


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